What Are People...

But the biggest problem? To think, {ijseo_redirect id=390} Whether you are online or not, everyone has an online reputation. The content that is pulled when someone searches for you can either help you, hurt you, or (if there is no relevant content about you) indicate you don’t even exist.

Think it doesn’t affect you? There is a {ijseo_redirect id=392} chance your job recruiter will google you during the hiring process. Close to half of people ({ijseo_redirect id=393}) have decided to not do business with someone after doing a Google search. And it doesn’t stop at business. Let’s be honest, how many of us have googled a new love interest?

Taken to its extreme, your online reputation can be a matter of better employment opportunities or unemployment. A chance at a relationship or loneliness.

Managing your online reputation isn’t just for companies. Actively take charge of your online reputation and, if need be, {ijseo_redirect id=394}.

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