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What Is It?

There actually is no such thing as true online privacy today. At most, you can set your social media settings. But these are like putting a band-aid on a broken bone. These surface social settings do not protect you from the very social platform you are on. Social platforms are like a content harvesting farm – they are designed to addict you to creating content so they may harvest your content and profit from your information.


How Do I Benefit?

Luckily, institutions are waking up and historical privacy data laws like GDPR from the European Union and data laws in California. The benefits are immense – decreased identity theft, encouraged freedom of speech and press, and personal digital empowerment.

Consumers greatly trust brands who openly align with online privacy. Fly your flag high on your website and your audience will better trust making purchases from your brand or eCommerce store.


The Future

Online privacy gives internet users the true benefits of their digital social and financial value. Development of zero-knowledge proof technology shows true online privacy is a definite possibility. Online Privacy is one of the keys to empowering everyday people



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