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Travel In The Age...

Digital makes us more independent travelers. Solo travel and travel alone is a top-trending Google search for 2018 with a 40% jump in solo travelers on group trips. Increased smartphone use only increases online searches too. Mobile-Micro moments refer to those quick searches on your smartphone when a quick questions pops its way to the forefront of your mind. Just what are people searching when it come to travel?

Air-related content:

Checked airfare prices

Looked up a phone number (i.e. airline)

Looked at flight schedules

Checked a flight status (arrival/delays)

Looked up airport information

Checked in for a flight

Received price alerts for flights

Booked a flight

Received SMS alerts for a flight status

Tracked the status of a checked bag

Cancelled a flight


Hotel-related content:

Looked up hotel address/directions

Looked up/ researched attractions/ things to do at my destination/near my hotel

Looked up/researched places to eat at my destination/near my hotel

Read a hotel review

Compared hotel prices & availability

Booked a hotel room

Received price alerts for hotels

Looked up/researched ground transportation at my destination/near my hotel

Cancelled a hotel reservation


As you can see, the mundane tasks that normally snag your travel plans can now be solved with a quick mobile search. Anytime you use the internet, you create online content. Online searches are only one way in which you leave your digital footprint.

Other examples of how you create online content? Creating an inspiration board on Pinterest, talking on social media with friends about your upcoming trip, and watching any kind of video about your future travel.


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