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Influencers: The Ultimate...

Did you know you are living within an ecosystem? And not one made of bugs and dirt or of predators and prey. Our social ecosystem is digital. You enter it every time you go online. In fact, you are in the digital ecosystem as you read this (you had to turn on your phone, desktop, or computer and access the internet to be here!)

And since you’re here – let’s get to know where we are!



What Is The Online Social Ecosystem?

Image: starngage.com

Our digital social ecosystem is powered by Content. Content created by people. Content created by you.

Content in general tends to stay within certain hubs – groups of like-minded people that you hang out with. For example, you most likely don’t group-text family vacation pictures to your coworkers. Your family is one hub. Your coworkers are another hub. And, you guessed it, the content is your family vacation picture.

We tend to have the most influence within our hubs (social circles). In other words, we trust those closest to us. Which is not news to any of us, so there you go! You already know how the digital social ecosystem works just by sheer virtue of living it.

And because trust and influence circulate within our hubs, that makes everyone a Micro-Influencer!

Information and ideas we see on our social networks have been filtered to through our trusted friends and family.


Micro-Influencers Are Everyday People

Image: medium.com

Brands have caught on and are now recruiting everyday people to be promote their products. It is everyday people, a.k.a Micro-Influencers that have a greater influence with their community rather than celebrities. The race for authenticity has begun.

Consumers now demand greater authenticity. They’re turning to relatives (78%) and academic experts (65%), as seen by the Edelman Report. In companies employees and ambassadors (55%) receive greater consumer confidence than bosses (49%). Journalists (44%), well-known personalities (42%) and celebrities (32%) ultimately have very little influence on consumers.

Brands see the benefit in thinking smaller. Micro-Influencers make up for their smaller network with greater influence. This is more effective for achieving results compared to celebrities that have a larger reach but lesser influence.


Use Monetized Content To Live The Content Lifestyle


So what does this all mean for you? Well for one, it means you have way more influence than you thought possible! Influence that leaves brands drooling to convert you to their side.

Secondly, your content has value. Because your content is the vehicle which carries your influence across the digital social ecosystem. Online, your content is your voice.

What does your influence and your content add up to? Mix your influence and your content together and it creates a phrase we here at SwomiBuzz like to call Your Words Have Worth

Our mission is to create a new digital, social ecosystem where everyone benefits from the content they create.

When someone is able to live by monetizing their content, that person is living the Content Lifestyle. It’s a state of life where you have the freedom to pursue your life’s goals.

One example of someone living the Content Lifestyle is Brandon Stanton, creator of the project Humans of New York, a blog featuring the pictures and stories of people he meets in New York City.

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