New Kids On...

Just who are these Gen Z kiddos?

The exact cut-off dates are disputed, but demographers and researchers use the birth year range from the mid-1990’s to mid-2000’s.

According to Bloomberg’s analysis of United Nations data, Gen Z makes up 32 percent of the global 7.7 billion population in 2019. This slightly nudges past Millennials’ 31.5 percent share.

The most defining characteristic of this generation is their comfort with technology and social media from using the internet from a very young age.

Their other nickname isn’t “Digital Natives” for no reason. They were playing with an iPad before they could talk.

In 2016, Business Insider surveyed 60 smartphone-owning teens across the United States. The numbers show that Gen Z own smartphones and they get them early. The average age a teen gets their first smartphone is 11 years old.

And to also get a sense of how connected these youngsters are, they reported they spend about 11 hours in front of all types of screens – mobile, tablet, computer, TV… you name it.

So what are they doing for 11 hours everyday? The most popular apps among them are Snapchat, Spotify, Instagram, and Twitter. Plus, they lean towards Netflix when choosing something to watch.

And while Gen Z views Facebook as the “old people’ hangout, nearly 80 percent said they use Facebook messenger as their primary or secondary source of communicating with their friends.

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