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Fully Utilize Innovation...

Now we’re moving from what to create to how to present your content in an innovative way. A mundane piece of content can be innovative if presented in a different context. It’s why when you try to rock the latest fanny pack trend you look a little silly, but when Rihanna rocks her blinged-out fanny pack she just makes it lookd downright glamorous. Same content (fanny pack) in a different context (you vs Rihanna). We know, it’s unfair to compare you to RiRi but it gets the point across.

Content as mundane as customer support tweets can be innovative in how it’s done and the brand personality expressed. For example, McDonalds answered all customer questions, good and bad, by creating high quality, informative content. Nike stands above the rest by just giving genuinely helpful, personable answers on their customer support based Twitter.


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