Living Off The...

It can be healthy to turn off sometimes. A Lite break from the Digital Lifestyle means you are still living among society. Other people will just see you as a bit “odd.” Your friends may nag you for not answering being on any of the online social spaces.

The first step? {ijseo_redirect id=381} your social media. All of it. In your Digital Lifestyle, social media is perhaps the biggest time-suck. Studies show that people who {ijseo_redirect id=382} are actually happier, too.

The next step is to delete all unnecessary apps and notifications from your phone. You can go even further by canceling your online subscriptions like Netflix.

The end goal here is to create a happier quality life by creating an environment where you look at the screen less and have less digital interruptions. You may feel uneasy at first, but your increased peace of mind will be a pleasant surprise.


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