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Who's Researching You...

Some of the above groups may not only be researching you online, they are actively using your content without your permission!

Content Scrapers. If you are an Active Content Creator (you post regularly on an online platform for an audience), people may be copying your content word-for-word and posting it on their website! While they may be redirecting the article to your website, it’s still a little unnerving. Neil Patel offers a helpful guideline on handling the situation here.

Catfish. Catfishing is when someone uses a fake online persona to romantically con someone. If you have a picture of yourself online, any catfisher can download your photo and pretend to be you or create a fake online persona with your image.

Customers. Customers use your content in a benevolent way. They learn, interact, and engage with your content. Every time they receive relevant value through your content, they trust your brand more. Brands also study customers to make their UX design better as well.


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