If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, and try. Then keep trying.



Do you feel some days you are at your peak efficiency and nothing can stop you? But other days you want to slump in bed and surrender forever?


Well if you are brave enough to admit you are waving your white flag today, then this article is for you.


We know all too well struggles with self-doubt and discouragement can make pursuing your side hustle unnecessarily difficult.



At the end of the day we are all human... with feelings that are all too real. Instead of beating yourself up further, the team here at SwomiBUZZ would like to give you our favorite remedy for our own off days - Inspirational stories of people overcoming all odds and succeeding at their side hustle despite insane struggles.


And we would like to share some of the team’s favorite inspirational stories with you today to help keep your fire burning.


1. This Couple Tag Teams Their Side Hustles While Raising A Family

Raising kids in the world and being a family is already a full-time (with plenty of overtime) job. The happily married couple {ijseo_redirect id=159} know this life all too well with four children in Sacramento, California. Money is always a concern for any family and for 15 years, Sam waited tables to supplement his teaching salary. That is, until Susen discovered the perks of the ever-growing trend of driving with a ride-share company.


Team work makes the dream work, as they say. Sam and Susen have now worked out a tag-teaming system that allows them to make up to $1,500 a week driving in their spare time. To maintain their sanity and wholesome family life, when one is driving, the other is at home with the kids.


Sometimes all we need is a little help from friends and family. When you’re feeling down and out, reach out to your support system to give you that extra morale boost to keep at it.


2. Nicole Abboud Started Her Dream Business Despite Financial Adversity

Let’s say you have a career in law, are pulling in a solid pay, and one day you decide to up and leave to start a business of your own. Could you imagine pulling that sharp left-turn on an otherwise awesome life? That’s how it was for Nicole Abboud. Inside she was yearning and burning to start the business of her dreams. She had a six-figure loan. But believed in herself and went for it.


We are happy Nicole did not give up as she now runs a successful Media company.

“I have this audacious dream of building a business based on compassion and purpose, where my employees wake up feeling inspired and excited to go to work, where I transform the community I work in, and where the main purpose for the existence of the business is not merely to make a profit. That is what I hope to accomplish with my business, {ijseo_redirect id=160}.”


Sometimes reminding ourselves why we believe in our dreams is all we need to keep forging ahead.


3. Teaching Families To Live And Work Abroad

Jeff’s home base is in America but he didn’t stay for long. He’s toured on over 30 countries from studying in Moscow, Russia to meeting his North American wife in South Korea!


Jeff was compelled to start his side hustle to help people. He is “usually a quite guy. But I hear someone say ‘I wish I could work overseas…’ - I can’t shut up. So I started my {ijseo_redirect id=161}.” He now helps coach families on how to live and work overseas while charging $150/ hour. If you can’t afford his services, Jeff regularly sends out tips and tricks email blasts too.


To get out of our funk, we may just need to take the focus off ourselves for a moment and help others achieve their dreams too.


Word Up: You Have The Power To Change Your Story

Everything is based on stories. We hope these inspiring side hustle stories has helped give much need perspective on your story. There is always so much we can be grateful for.





Cover image courtesy of thewonderforest.com

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