Influencers: The Ultimate...

One of the biggest misconceptions about influencers is that they are someone with a large social media following. This thinking confuses influence with popularity. The act of influencing requires a specific result: a change in thinking or behavior. An influencer, therefore, is someone who has the power to influence the perception of others or gets them to do something different.

When applying this definition to marketers, an influencer is someone who helps other people buy from you.


Here is where Influencers raise their flag. Some types of Influencer are inseparable and heavily identify with their platform (like Youtubers and Instagrammers). Other platforms merely means to an end for showcasing their content. For example, we think of bloggers as bloggers, and not so much as “Wordpressers” or “Tumblr Bloggers”


The big kahuna. Blogs are the origin source of all Influencers after web logs became popular during the early days of the internet and transformed into what we know as a blog today. Bloggers are best friends with the written word. Some favorite platforms of bloggers are Wordpress, Tumblr, or Swomi Flyers.


The video version of a blog, vlogs are usually hosted on Youtube. This makers vloggers almost synonymous with a “Youtuber.” While rare, it’s still possible to find vlogs on Vimeo. Because of the immediacy of videos, there is a certain connection an audience can build with a Vlogger that may otherwise be absent with a Blogger.


Like a radio show, but archived online, podcasts are for everyone who love to use their ears instead of their eyes. Many podcasts focus on people’s stories – one-on-one interviews, friends discussing a topic, or the podcaster’s own personal journey.

Social Media

Some Influencers side-step owning their own domain and go straight to a platform pre-connected with an audience. Instagrammers and Twitch Streamers are a typical Social Media Influencer. We really recommend Swomi Flyers for Influencers who want the win-win situation of having their own domain and a curated audience.


Forum crawlers make their strong opinions known in discussion threads like Reddit, Google Groups, Facebook Groups, and LinkedIn Groups. Active, consistent engagement is key!


Influencer Themes

The second layer of what makes an Influencer… their theme! Now, themes are endless. There is every and any kind of theme you could ever think of and beyond from Couches That Look Like Celebrities to a girl who rolls her face in bread. Some popular themes for 2018 are Travel, Fashion, and Beauty. Influencers find their influence by laser-focusing in on a specific niche within their theme that they feel passionate about. For example, you may like travel. And what other aspects about travel can you provide that a potential target audience can relate to? Maybe you are also a veteran who loves to travel? Bam! Your niche is helping veterans enjoy their retirement with the love of travel.


Influencer Content Monetization

So how do Influencers make money by posting Content all day? If you want to be an Influencer, it’s fundamental to know how to monetize your content. And if you are looking to work with in an Influencer, it’s good to know the processes they usually work in to receive payment.


Some influencers work from donations – they provide their content without expectation and give their audience an option to donate to them through platforms like GoFundMe or Patreon.


This is the most common way Influencers monetize their content. Page advertisements, sponsored posts, affiliate links, and sponsorships all fall under this category!


This is more rare where Influencer provide some free Content and some exclusive members-only Content. Memberships give their audience access to this exclusive Content and are usually charged on a monthly basis.

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