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The Role Of...

The Connection Between Content And Trust

Content is not only valuable for it’s monetary value. Content holds immense worth for its social value. Content is the online medium which we create, distribute, and trade social value.

The good news? Individuals, as well as brands, can publish content online. The publishing field has been leveled in this way.

The not so good news? Individuals, as well as brands, can publish content online. Anyone can publish anything online regardless if it’s true, factual, or ethical.

Online content creators must establish trust with their audience by proving their credibility with consistent content. Lifelong, quality relationships are the name of the game.


Future Content Will Be Higher Quality

When your content makes or breaks your reputation, you can bet content creators will only release their best.

A common content marketing rule of thumb is don’t publish content for the sake of it. If your content provides no value to your audience and you publish it anyway, that will hurt your reputation more than anything.

Content is deeply underperforming. Of the one million posts Buzzsumo analyzed in 2015, they found 50% of posts received 8 shares or less and 75% of these posts received 39 shares or less.

Content is underperforming. And what’s happening is a natural evolution of the fate of all marketing channels. They get less effective over time. In 1994, the first banner ad debuted an overwhelming 94% CTR followed. In 2014, .05% was the average CTR of a Facebook ad. The market simply became oversaturated.

As a result, content results are going to a smaller number of high-impact pieces.

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