2018 Triple Threat...

Modern living has become synonymous with being connected via technology. Hopping on the back of technology is artificial intelligence. Everything from your coffee maker to your home is becoming infused with technology and artificial intelligence. The term, Internet Of Things (IoT) describes this hyper-connected lifestyle where all devices communicate with each other. But each new connection opens another vulnerability in security. {ijseo_redirect id=288} describes the effects of such a world:

"Traditional security techniques using ownership and control rather than trust will not work in the digital world. Infrastructure and perimeter protection won’t ensure accurate detection and can’t protect against behind-the-perimeter insider attacks. This requires embracing people-centric security and empowering developers to take responsibility for security measures."

While this refers to larger infrastructures for businesses, the main takeaway is that, ironically, trust will be central to securing your digital universe. And when your digital universe contains everything about you from who you correspond with online to your social security number, your online security will become just as important as locking your front door. Organizations will rely on their employees to be ever vigilant about carrying out proper security measures (infiltrating a Fortune 500 company can be as easy as an employee carelessly opening an email). In a similar vein, who we allow into our online social circle will be carefully selected. Our solution for this are Hubs. Only people you personally invite can be a part of your Hub. Hubs are based on trust and your real human relationships.

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