Time To Declutter...

When you know your “Why,” you can bear any “how.” Now that we can realize why decluttering our digital lives is important, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of {ijseo_redirect id=424}. Similar to when you declutter or clean your home, you first start with the living room, then bathroom, and off to the kitchen. Here are four “rooms” of your digital life to focus on one at a time.


1. Declutter Your Desktop/ Smartphone Home Screen

Does your digital desktop look like the physical desktop of a mad scientist? Word docs scattered about, icons bursting out of every corner, links to...what was this again? Start by creating a folder on your desktop, naming it “Misc,” and dumping all the random things you can’t remember what they are for in that folder. After that, what’s most likely left on your desktop are the icons you click on most. The laborious process of sorting, deleting, and organizing will take time but it’s worth it. And it can be as simple as spending 10 minutes everyday.


2. Freshen Up Your Email Inbox

Sometimes opening your email inbox feels like getting punched in the face by 1,000+ hoarded emails. Rather than sorting through all those thousands of emails, just start with the emails you received today. Give yourself 2 options for every email. Delete or sort into a folder.


3. Dust Off Social Media Contacts

Are receiving updates in your feed from someone you met once at a bar 5 years ago and don’t even talk to? That kind of thing takes your focus away from people you actually care about. Open up those social media contacts to unfriend and unfollow. You may be surprised by how many people you don’t even remember are in your “friends” list.


4. Throw Out Multiple Browser Windows & Tabs

“How did I end up with 10 tabs open with cats riding roomba vaccuum videos?” Sure, we can tell ourselves having multiple tabs open helps us multitask. But more likely than not, more tabs and browsers open lead to unfocused frenzy and distraction. Have at most 3 or 4 open at a time.



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