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Keeping It Real...

Civilized behavior has gone out the window when it comes to the online wild west. Let’s do our part and be kind, honest, and real online and offline.

When it comes to your personal online reputation, keeping it real online involves just being honest about your self-presentation. The first step to keeping it real with yourself and others is to {ijseo_redirect id=411}. It may seem basic, but it’s a crucial step many people miss. How can you be true to yourself when you don’t even know who you are? People who stand for nothing will fall for anything.

Be honest about your flaws. If we actually admitted our mistakes, we would be learning more from them rather than repeating them. In the same vein, being open about what you like is a much happier place to be than pretending you like what everyone else likes. If what you are doing lights you up inside, others will feel that too!

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