The Pro's And...

Benefits or not, a lot of us can agree that we spend way too much time staring at our screens. You know, instead of gazing into our lover’s eyes (or something like that). Here are a few tips to lay off the social media/ netflix/ meme/ shopping binges.

Tip #1: You know yourself best. When do you tend to mindlessly grab at your phone and start scrolling? After work? In the morning? Keep your phone out of sight to keep it out of mind.

Tip #2: When given the choice to interact with human beings around you, don’t give into social anxiety and pull out your phone to avoid talking to people. Keep it real by choosing real over virtual every time.

Tip #3: Go on a Digital Diet even if you don’t consider yourself addicted… yet. Prevention is always more effective than a cure. Keep an arm’s distance from the apps, games, and websites you know you have a hard time resisting.

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