What Matters When...

Strangely enough, the internet has turned trust on top of its head. The above institutions we just mentioned, banks, governments, newspapers, have come to be distrusted by the public in general. According to NewScientist, “Nearly half of people in the US mistrust lawmakers, according to a poll carried out in June. In the UK, fewer than 1 in 4 people trust the press.” Because of the internet, standard top-down models have been replaced with peer-to-peer networks, a sharing economy.

Faith in authority is on the decline. How did this happen? Repeatedly, institutions took the public’s trust for granted. And because of the transparency of the internet, whistleblowers have the platform and audience reach to reveal unsavory underbellies the public otherwise may not know about. As the most recent example, Facebook exposed the data of up to 87 million of its users in the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

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