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Why would you want to make the images in your blog post more shareable? Because shareable content means content can be promoted easier. Some marketers even divide their time as 80% marketing and only 20% create content.

Just because you create the greatest piece of content ever, doesn’t mean anyone will see it. That’s where making your content more shareable comes in. Have your audience share your content.

One, it saves your marketing team the effort of promoting it themselves. Two, when online users share your content it means your marketing team has done a good job promoting and your content creators have done a great job creating shareable content.

So how do creators make their content more shareable, specifically when it comes to images? We are visual creatures, after all. And when you’re scrolling through your social media feed, an image is most likely to catch your attention over a block of text. This means creating awesome images is the first step to creating shareable content.

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