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How We Are...

According to research, nothing still beats face-to-face, real-space, IRL hanging out with real people. Among college students, there has been a 40% decline in characteristics of empathy among college students. It’s the wild west out there. We are still learning {ijseo_redirect id=377} and have healthy online boundaries, etiquette, and civility. What will our social lives look like 100 years from now? Our mission here at Swomi is to put relationships front and center in the digital world because we believe in people.

We also need to consider how the workplace will be fundamentally transformed due to automation and artificial intelligence. When you go to work (if you still have a job and haven’t moved onto becoming the awesome entrepreneur we know you can become), expect to interact a lot more with robots. Combined with virtual reality, it seems the Digital Lifestyle is moving more towards individual isolation. Technology is just a tool, after all. We receive the results based on how we use technology. For technology to bring more meaningful human connection, we have to value human relationships then create the technology that focuses on people.


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