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Utilize Your Content...

First, we learned teaching with your content is way more effective than selling with your content. The second method we will cover is also audience-centric – help your audience use your content.

It can be a big frustration for content creators to learn that only a small percentage of people who buy or try their products actually use the product. When content creators pour their heart and soul into creating training programs, how-to video courses, and in-depth ebooks, it can be a bit discouraging.

You may think, “Hey, they paid for it. It’s up to them to use it!” But this point of view has several disadvantages.

For one, you lose out on getting customer reviews. Obviously, if they don’t use your product then how can they leave a review about their experience?

Second, you have a lower retention rate. Customers who don’t use your product tend not to stick around. Say goodbye to any chances of up-selling, too.

Third, you lose out on building a lifelong relationship with customers. Many would prefer a loyal advocate over someone who impulsively uses your product and forgets about it.

To get to that point, you have to really care about giving lifetime value to your customers. You want your customers to experience a positive, transformative life change from using your product.

The most obvious example to help your audience use your content is publishing a resource site or knowledge base.

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