Influencers of the world, unite and take over.


This summer, side hustlers will be hustling, digital nomads will be wandering, and influencers will be influencing.

But for influencers, spreading influence just isn’t enough these days.

Our online world is pretty jam-packed.

It is a specific challenge for every budding influencer.

How to squeeze through the crowd and hop on stage, front and center for your audience?

Check out any influencer you look up to and aim to emulate – you most likely know them as The Vlogging Makeup Artist, The Number One World Travel Blogger, THE first billionaire entrepreneur.

How did they rise to the top of their game and infect the hearts and minds of millions?

Why is it when we think “Entrepreneur,” you say “Richard Branson”? Or just mention “Motivational Speaking” and many minds jump to “Tony Robbins” without skipping a beat?

Let’s take a closer look.

Is there an Expert in the House?



Gary Vaynerchuk… Richard Branson… Neil Patel… the uniting thread connecting all these top-notch Influencers is their recognized Expertise in their fields.

Every one of them is an Expert.

And to be an expert, they chose a niche.

It’s how we associate a certain person with a specific field.

If you write, publish, post and put yourself out there consistently, you will begin to be recognized as an Expert.

“I’m still new, how do I become an Expert in my field when millions of content is posted everyday?”

You can be in any niche that you choose. Simply read and learn as much as you can about it through whitepapers, other blog posts, webinars, videos, and ebooks. After that, you need to promote and expose your brand to as many new eyes as possible.

“If we can agree that every blog post is written by someone who thinks of himself as an expert in his/her own field of study, then that makes for a world full of experts.

The great dilemma experts face, is the amount of expert competition they are up against. If you consider that 2 million blog posts written every day will have at least a handful written in your niche, that means that you may end up being very low on the expert totem pole.”


A Supersized Expert With A Side Order Of Authority



There comes the dilemma – in a world of Content Creators (basically every online user), how do you be recognized as an expert? And when you finally have been recognized as an expert, how do you reach the holy grail of becoming an authority?

When you’re an authority, you are the recognized go-to person in that niche. This is the category Richard Branson, Gary Vaynerchuk, etc. are categorized under.

The tricky thing is Expert Authorities are recognized by others as expert authorities. They did not crown the title on themselves. Others gave them the title as Expert Authorities because of the sheer amount of value they provide.

To become an elusive Expert Authority, you need three things:

  • Time
  • Consistency
  • Exposure


It takes a long time of consistently creating and promoting content for exposure.

This is the trust of other human beings we are aiming to earn here, not a quick SEO growth hack.

The time and effort is well worth the trust and credibility you gain from growing into an Expert Authority.


Well done.

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