New Kids On...

For now, Gen Z makes a splash in the world as a budding consumer. This generation is a fierce online shopper. Growing up, the ability to purchase virtually anything online and delivered straight to your home was the status quo. Instant gratification is only a mouse click away. The immediacy and mobility of technology created an on-demand economy.

As the only generation to grow up alongside the on-demand economy, Gen Z establishes themselves as an immediacy demanding consumer.

Let’s hear what a member of Gen Z has to say. At BitWizards, Candace R. Mitchell interviews her 18 year old niece she dubs “Z-Girl.” Here’s an excerpt from their conversation regarding social media:

“Q2: What is your favorite social media app? Why?

A: Twitter, because it's not boring like Facebook. I like Twitter because it’s short and sweet, no effort required.

Q3: Do you click on ads in that app (Twitter)?

A: I never click on ads (bewildered expression), if they were funny I would probably click on them though.

Q5: Whom do you follow on Twitter?

A: I mainly follow my friends and then I follow people based on friends’ retweets, it doesn’t require much effort that way. I don’t really go hunt new people to follow, that takes too much time.”

Mitchell’s takeaway? We see classic lazy teen syndrome at work here. Speed is key here.

Second, Z-Girl has a general attitude that everything should be delivered to her. There should be no work involved in finding what she’s interested in. Her interests and retweets extend what her friends like.

Third, she wants a format that’s easy to digest (hence, Twitter).

Convince And Convert’s statistic that 48% of Gen Z has made a second-person word of mouth recommendation makes sense. Second-person word of mouth is a recommendation, not-based on personal experience, but on a friend or family members’ positive experience.

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