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What Will A...

To suit our nomadic lifestyles, we’re going to need some home essentials to go with us. But wait, hold on before you toss out all your worldly possessions.

Thanks to modern technology and clever design, we don’t need to give up our creature comforts. Here are a few examples of furniture to-go, mobile furnishings, and minimalist things.

The appropriately Urban Nomad Sofa by Hungarian furniture brand Hannabi is a modular set of cushioned rectangles and triangular supports. Rearrange them however you like to get comfy.

Studio Makkink & Bey designed a Wearable Hotel Room. It includes a cloth mat, sleeping bag roll, a room divider that rolls up like an umbrella, wooden basket (doubles as a stool). Everything has dual functions and can be all rolled up and worn like a backpack.

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