Buyer's Journey From...


At this point, we don’t have a clear idea of how to entertain ourselves in the morning. So we mentally run through options we already know and do searches online.

We may type in things like

  • “best ways to make your morning commute more fun”
  • “what to do on your commute”
  • “how to survive morning commute”

Here, we’ll read blog posts, watch videos, and look at our social media to find out how other people have solved their problem of a boring morning commute.



So we’ve seen some options and weighed it out against our preferences. We stand up when there are no more seats, so holding our phones to read an eBook doen’t seem appealing. Games are cool, but they zap your phone’s battery. Now, listening to music… that’s just the right amount of ease and wake-you-up energy we need in the mornings!

Right now, we just figured out our problem – we want to listen to music on our morning commute. So naturally, we type into our search engine “best online music streaming services.”

At this point we want to look for content like blogs, guides, or reviews that will give us neutral information. Third-party reviews can be trusted much more than paid or sponsored content.

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