Who says you can’t have a full-time career, side hustle, and help the community at the same time?


Every once in a while, an exceptional human being steps up to the plate and gives back to those that society conveniently brushes under the rug.

In Detroit, you will find Amy – an attorney who started a jewelry-making side hustle, {ijseo_redirect id=147}, that helps empower women at a homeless shelter she walks by everyday.

And in Florida, you will find {ijseo_redirect id=148} – a family-started car wash service that recognizes the unique skill sets of adults with autism by employing them on their team.

Swomi helps everyday people in the same way these social entrepreneurs help their community. Except the Swomi community is the entire digital sphere and artificial intelligence automation that gives the community a little one-two boost with accelerating their online presence.


Digital Global Community

As such, SwomiBUZZ gives our global community of digital nomads, side hustlers, and influencer's tips, tricks, shout-outs, and a hub of like-minded individuals to relate to and support each other.

These everyday people are truly living the Content Lifestyle – living a life of pure freedom and social entrepreneurship. They benefit from their content by leveraging their Content Value.

Today, we’re going to highlight the very kinds of people that INSPIRE the team here at Swomi. It’s the people doing good in the world from a pure intention to help that inspire us to keep on going… full speed ahead!

Your Words Have Worth.

Teach Women How To Fish Mindset

Amy was inspired by the stories of these homeless women whenever she stopped to talk on the way to work or walk her dog. For a while she wondered how she could help these people. The answer came to her in a peeled off piece of graffiti paint. Amy had made jewelry to pay her way through college, so why not create a business that turns flakes of graffiti paint into jewelry and teach the women at the homeless shelter how to do it? That's when she started {ijseo_redirect id=147}, named after First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. Doing so helps empower these women and get them back on their feet.

One Driven Dad Helps His Son Find Purpose

{ijseo_redirect id=148} began with a family locking arms together and figuring out a creative solution to help their son Andrew D’Eri, who had autism and, like many with the same condition, had a hard time finding a job. Dad and brother D’Eri had an idea – why not create a service that highlights the specialized skill set so many adults with autism exemplify? Attention to detail, structured tasks, and following processes. Fast-forward to today and the team at Rising Tide Car Wash display a level of confidence, increased empathy, and many happy customers.


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We are all in this world together so let’s help lift each other UP! And when it comes to the digital world, TeamSWOMI here is driven to create that connection, community, and value to everyday people doing kindhearted acts. Share your story with us! We've got the coffee on and the cinnamon buns waiting. Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today!

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