Which Of These 4 Mindsets Are Most Like You?

Quotes about the meaning and purpose of life.


Changing yourself for the better can sometimes feel a little disorienting. During times like these, all we need is a little help from others to help guide us. So we are reviving some young and old content from great mentors and self evaluation tools such as this pdf created by students. Pick your mentor, pick your mindset such as this Money Mindset Quiz. There many tools on how people enjoy some timeless content to help them on the path to discovering themselves and their mindset?

1. “Not for ourselves alone are we born”
Not for ourselves are we born

Words have worth. Originally spoken in latin as, “Non nobis solum nati sumus” by Roman emperor Marcus Tullius Cicero, these words have survived centuries because their meaning still rings true today. A mindset based around this phrase highlights the highest honors and greatest meaning you can create in your life originates from serving others. It’s not a coincidence that the most successful people are the ones that have also helped the most people.

2. “Each person is questioned by life”
Each person is questions by life

“Ultimately, man should not ask what the meaning of his life is, but rather must recognize that it is he who is asked. In a word, each man is questioned by life; and he can only answer to life by answering for his own life; to life he can only respond by being responsible.”
― Viktor E. Franki

I want this. My goals get me that. This needs to happen for me. Why do this? What does it all mean? Will I ever amount to anything? Turn your existential anxiety on its head. Instead of focusing on what you want from life, open up your eyes and ears and listen to what life is trying to tell you. Trust life is giving you only what you can handle and trust the journey that life is trying to show you. Then step up and take responsibility for your destiny. Frankl survived the horrors of the holocaust by focusing on the mission he felt life was giving him – to offer his psychiatric training to help others mentally cope with living in concentration camps.

3. “Kindness is the ultimate strength”
Kindness is the ultimate strength

Gary Vaynerchuk speaks these words everyday through his social media channels. Many times people perceive being kind as a weakness. Think back to when you were faced with adversity. It can be easy to give in to immature, mean behavior. It takes strength to be gentle and kind.

4. “Change your circumstances or change yourself”
Change your circumstances or change yourself

Abraham Lincoln embodied this mindset. He failed at running for almost every office, had a nervous breakdown when he was rejected by his first love, and had a less than stellar upbringing. No one can choose the card you are dealt with in this world. But you can choose how to interpret your experiences and circumstances. When times get tough, repeat this phrase again and again to yourself.

Word Up:

These are words of wisdom from those who chose to not let their struggles define them. Rather, they transformed their struggles into success by picking the right mindset. The content they leave with us today are gems to help us become our best selves. Which one is your favorite?

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