What You Need To Know About Original Content

How eContent makes us rethink originality.

How do you improve your content marketing strategy? You’ve researched your audience and created tons of content on topics they care about, but somehow you’re not seeing the growth you wanted. To help you get unstuck, try your hand at creating some truly original content.

What Is Original Content?

What Is Original Content

This seems like a straightforward answer, right?

Originality is something unlike anything that’s ever existed before. Originality is creative. Originality is unique…right?

While none of those definitions are wrong. Originality applied in the context of content gives us second-thoughts about what originality is. Specifically, originality for SEO.

Google’s Panda algorithm, release in 2011, prioritizes original content and ranks it higher. Panda weeds out “thin” low-quality sites, sites with more ads than content, and any kind of plagiarized content.

In other words, Panda really does not like unoriginal content.

How To Create Original Content

How To Create Original Content

Original content is built to last. Originality doesn’t fade because, well, it’s original. J.K. Rowling did not create a magical, multi-million dollar franchise by writing “Another Story About A Boy Going To School.” No, she wrote “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.”

When it comes to making your content original, Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs explains there are two major ways for content to be original.

1. Bring your perspective to the table. Everyone can offer a unique perspective to an already existing topic in their industry. There are infinite amount of experiences a person goes through and even more unlimited ways to interpret each experience. You may think your industry is over-saturated, but it’s not. There is always a way to provide more depth or breadth of knowledge.

2. Your voice is your power. How you say things is just as defining as what you say. Just think of all the different ways there are to greet someone in the english language – hello, hi, howdy, yo, what’s up, how do you do, it’s been a minute, ‘sup fam… it’s endless. Your tone of voice in your content will make you stand out.

Original Content Creates Brands Original Content Creates Brands

Eventually, brands will be the trailblazers in creating unique and deeply engaging content through storytelling. In a sea of content, truly original and captivating content is the only thing that will capture people’s attention for a sustained length of time.

If your logo was erased off your content, would you still be recognizable? Do you have the same tone of voice and perspective as everyone else?

Word Up:

Originality is not just for symphonies, paintings, or freestyle break-dancing. Originality is for your online marketing content, too! By being true to your perspective and finding your own style all wrapped up in a compelling story, higher SEO rankings, an engaged audience, and more sales are sure to follow. The future of content is original.

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