The Surprising Secrets About Being A Content Creator

Hint: You already are a Content Creator.

This article is letter (C) of our “Human Connect” series where we write an article for each letter of the phrase. “Human Connect” explores how relationships will change in the digital age. Find links to more articles in the series below.

Content connects everyone. Online, content is used as a representative for who you are, what you believe in, and what you have to say. Each piece of content relies on the honor of its creator. Which is why authenticity and being genuine have become hugely important in an online world where anyone can be anybody. When we create and share content, we essentially distribute social credibility.

We Are All Content Creators

Everyone creates content… whether you know it or not. Every time you do anything that has to do with internet connection, you are creating content.

Sent out a tweet? That’s text-based content.

Use the GPS on your smartphone to give you directions while you drive? That’s geolocation content.

Watch a video on YouTube? That creates content in the form of valuable viewing analytics.

Generally, content can be viewed in two categories. First, there’s media-based content. Media-based content simulates traditional forms of content online. Images are digitally updated photographs. Videos emulate film. Blog posts are like updated news articles. Ezines (like the one you are reading right now) replace glossy magazines.

Second, there’s activity-based content. Activity-based content is more elusive and specific to the online world. Just by scrolling through a page, or like we showed above, using your GPS and watching a video creates content. This is content that’s created as a byproduct of your online activity. Your digital footprint, if you will.

What Does It Mean To Be An Active Content Creator?

We’ll call this first group of internet users the Passive Content Creators. They create content (for the most part) unknowingly leave a digital footprint. At most, they upload images or videos once in a while to their social media.

While everyone creates content in some form or another, there are a few people who caught the content ball and really ran with it. These individuals actively create content on a consistent basis to generate social and financial value from their content. As ContentEngine describes it, “A Content Creator is someone who is actively creating and publishing original content to an audience on one or more media platforms.”

Content Creators are the hyperactive personalities on Youtube. The thoughtful lifestyle writers on blogs. The well-dressed, globe trotting Influencers on Instagram. The livestreaming gamers on Twitch.

We’ll call this group the Active Content Creators.

Daily Habits Of Highly Successful Content Creators

What makes Active Content Creators so different from a Passive Content Creator? Consistency and intention. If you are thinking of making the jump, anyone can do it. And if you already are an Active Content Creator, these daily tips will only make you better! Here’s a quick bullet-point summary below:

1. Read Industry Related News Daily: Scour the internet like a bloodhound for the latest news in your industry

2. Write Regularly: Like working out at the gym, those writing muscles need to be flexed. Vague and incomplete ideas will become more concise the more you write about them.

3. Curate Content: Curating simply means sharing. And don’t just share, genuinely interact with your online community through sharing.

4. Always Be Networking: Who you know definitely never hurt your chances at success. Make networking a lifestyle.

5. Never Stop Asking “Why?”: Your first step to creating new content is to question convention, turn it upside its head, and create an awesome post about it. Constantly questioning leads to valuable content with a unique perspective.

Word Up:

In one short article, you’ve learned you are actually a Content Creator (any life-changing epiphanies out there?), that those really active social media stars are actually Active Content Creators, and how to get the ball rolling if you are thinking of taking the dive yourself.


This article is part of our “Human Connect” series where we write an article for each letter of the phrase. “Human Connect” explores how relationships will change in the digital age.

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