Sharing Customized Content That Converts Big Time

Sharing is essential to selling.

People connect with each other because of emotions. People share content because they connect with it on an emotional level. People will only buy based on how the product, service, or person doing the selling makes them feel. To create content that people will share and buy, it all boils down to emotional connection.

You can customize your content to connect with unique emotion-driven stories to increase social shares and drive sales. Without customizing, your content will be a carbon-copy of all other content that is already out there. Content sharing is a key to finding an audience. What content people share and why we need to understand.

Customize Your Content To Maximize Sharing

Customize Your Content To Maximize Sharing

Aim to be a "Brand Builder" rather than a “Product Seller.” The difference? You guessed it. Emotional connection. Brands done well conjure up specific, positive images.

When you hear Coca-Cola, you think the exciting color red, a happy polar bear family on Christmas, or a warm smiling group of friends bathed in sunlight.

A Product Seller simply tells you this Coca Cola bottle has 100 calories per serving, is carbonated, and will make you not thirsty after you drink it. We don’t know about you, but we would much rather share the Brand Builder’s vision.

Sell Your Vision

Sell Your Vision

Is the content you are creating for your product sell a vision? Does it emulate your brand’s core values, benefits, and culture? Give this a long, hard thought for a minute. Keeping all of this in mind while writing content will naturally lead to creating compelling, valuable, educational, and thought provoking content. So what is the future and how do I find trends?

Where Do I Start?

Where Do I Start

And your content does not have to be a master thesis either. Fun content can be the most viral and shareable too! Remixing your content is also an amazing way to leverage your already well-performing content.Convert a blog into a video, a comment into a picture quote, a video into a SlideShare, and more! Here are just a few examples of easy-to-create and easy-to-remix content:

  • linkedin/ quora answers
  • blog comments
  • industry research
  • company videos
  • slideshares
  • smartphone videos
  • blog posts

Consider taking your content to the next step by implementing it into a Social Media Marketing Campaign. Many people underestimate a social media marketing campaign’s potential as a visual marketing tool and platform for building thought leadership.

Word Up:

As we have already seen, selling overlaps heavily with sharing. Your brand’s content needs to be shared to be sold. And selling is next to impossible when you haven’t shared your content. Quality relationships equal sales. And sharing high quality, valuable content is what creates relationships in the online world.

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