Say Hello To Your Natural Intelligence

Natural intelligence is the opposite of Artificial Intelligence.

Most of us have heard of artificial intelligence, but did you know natural intelligence exists too? That’s right, you’re using your natural intelligence right now… your brain! At the end of day, artificial intelligence is just an attempt to simulate the natural intelligence of the human brain. Artificial intelligence is certainly a buzzword. But hey, let’s give the natural intelligence of the human brain the stage today – what it is, the many things it can do, and why it still beats out A.I.

Meet Your Natural Intelligence

Meet Your Natural Intelligence

When first introduced to the concept of natural intelligence, it’s tempting to directly correlate it with neuroscience. Natural intelligence goes beyond just being the opposite of artificial intelligence, it embodies all intelligence found in biology. When we step outside of a human-centric point of view, it’s easy to realize there is distributed intelligence in colony creatures like ants and non-neural control in plants. Natural intelligence operates between behavior, responses to an ever changing environment, and interactions between the two. This also points out why companies can benefit from AI and why they need to understand this technology and science and how it can impact their futures.

Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better

Say Hello To Your Natural Intelligence

If the human brain works so well, why simulate it? Recreating natural intelligence creates a better understanding of how it works. It’s similar to how learning to paint forces you to understand what you are seeing. Every advance in A.I. teaches us more about how we think, feel, and exist. Just check out how Becoming Human highlights the different ways natural intelligence still beats A.I., showing us AI has a long way to go:

Energy efficient. ~25 watts for typical human brain vs ~2.000 watts for modern deep learning machine.

Universal. While consuming kilowatts of energy, this machine is usually designed for a few tasks. Humans usually learn how to manage hundreds of different skills during life.

Multi-tasking. Regular worker may have dozens of responsibilities, but to teach a computer even 1 task may take months.

Complex movements. Even the most advanced robots can hardly compete in mobility with 6 years old child. And this results we have after 60 years of research and development.

Artificial Intelligence

 Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence meets the potential for us as citizens to advance science at an incredible speed. Analyzing data and identifying new species, using devices to record biodiversity at an ever increasing rate and protect with knowledge of the consequences of human activities.

From science to virtual communities such as VR, AR and gaming being created through AI without human interaction the potential is unlimited.

By understanding ourselves better through A.I. we can better know how to educate the tons of amazing, awesome human brains that already exist. No need for new inventions here.

Word Up:

Cheers to your natural intelligence. While many people are afraid of Artificial Intelligence taking over the world or at least taking over the workplace, A.I. still has a long way to go. If anything, a symbiotic relationship between natural and artificial intelligence will be the healthiest and most beneficial for everyone.

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