Republish, Repurpose, And Reinvent Your Content

Republish. Repurpose. Reinvent...

Is there a difference between republishing, repurposing, and reinventing? Yes, yes there is. And here are the differences.

Republish. When content is simply posted on another channel with no changes made. You can repost your content to different online platforms like Quora, medium, social media platforms… etc.

When you republish content, it’s a good idea to have a link at the beginning of the article redirecting to the original post. Doing so will help your readers find more of your articles and learn more about your business when they are on your blog.

Repurpose. Converting content into a different format or product.

Reinvent. To makeover completely. Reinventing the wheel. For example, you can only take the topic of an article and use that topic to reinvent a completely new article.

For example, let’s say Farmer John wrote an article, “How to pick the best apple at a farmer’s market.” The content did pretty well on his blog, so he wants to re-use it somehow.

If he decides to republish it, he can reach out to another blog and ask if they can feature his article on their blog.

To repurpose his article, he can translate it into a video. He can make the video as complex or as simple as he wants. The simple route would be something as plain as speaking into the camera and outlining the main points of the article.

Maybe Farmer John decides to completely reinvent his article based on the comments the article received. He notices many people have questions about what type of apple is best for baking apple pies. Farmer John then goes on to write a new article, “Apples to Apples: Choose the right apples for your apple pie.”

Another simple way to remix your content is to translate it into other languages. You can generate more readers from specific regions. For example, translating your content into Spanish can attract more readers from Brazil. Translating your content into Chinese can raise your readership from Taiwan.

Conversely, if you have an unusually high amount of traffic from a certain region, it may be worth investing into translating your content into that region’s language.

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