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Let’s Get Personal

Just how important is personalization to connecting with your audience?

What is more delicious? Store bought cookies you tossed into your shopping cart as an afterthought, or coming home wrapped by the warm smell of homemade chocolate chip cookies your partner made just for your birthday?

Time after time, we can agree personalization rules. There’s nothing quite like feeling special and seeing something was made just for you. When it comes to the digital world, the importance of personalization only increases two-fold.

Researchers found sales with customers who received personalized online content jumped more than 50% versus those who received generic content. For anyone looking to attract an online audience, personalization is a necessity, not just the cherry on top.


What Is Personalization?


Personalization customizes content to a specific individual.

One example you may be familiar with are Coca Cola bottles with a rainbow of different names written on them like “John” or “Meghan.”

Online, personalization looks like an email addressed to you, a search that brings up results that make sense in context to your past search history, or “If you liked this, you may like these...” algorithm-based video recommendations.

These advertising campaigns are a practical balance between mass production and personalization. Best of all, online campaigns can take advantage of automation technology.

SwomiBUZZ Flyers use automation technology to connect a curated audience specifically tailored for your brand.


3 Actionable Steps To Personalize Your Content Right Now


How to personalize for your Brand? Here are 3 Actions you can take right now with your email marketing to show your audience you care.

1. First Names First

We know when we open an email and it is personally addressed to us, we get a little jump of delight. Many email marketing platforms provide an automation feature to include that person’s first name in an email. Imagine addressing thousands of emails by hand! No thanks.


2. Give Them What They Want

Did your customer provide their email address to download your eBook? Or maybe you have a customer’s email because they have previously purchased from you. Different customers are at different stages of the buyer’s journey, so customize the content you send them accordingly.


3. Discount, Discount! Get Your Discount Here!

Personalized offers and promotions make 47% of of consumers feel rewarded, special, or honored.


Ethical Concerns About Personalization

Personalization comes with its own set of moral and ethical considerations regarding social influence.

Can your customized feed toe the line of metaphorically putting blinders on?

If algorithms only show what we want to see, who’s to say these suggestions are safe from meddling agendas?

It would be naive to ignore this huge issue. Facebook has already leaked our personal information to Cambridge Analytica and datamining is still standard practice among many online companies.

Researcher and professor, Eli Parser, provides a solution where “online portals would realize that like newspapers, they need to be custodians of public trust and not simply money making machines alone.” 

The mission of Swomi is to bring trust to the online world and empower online users by providing them the value for their online content they rightfully deserve.


Word Up: Let’s Get Personal

Personalization builds relationships – the foundation of human connection and establishing yourself as a trustworthy brand customers want to spend their hard-earned money with.

To attract an audience specifically curated for your category of product or service, customers with clear intent are more likely to convert, sign up for SwomiBUZZ Flyers today.


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