Lessons We’ve Learned About Lifestyle Content Marketing

Just what makes a lifestyle so different, so appealing?

This article is letter (L) of our “Culture” series where we write an article for each letter of the phrase. “Culture” examines how digital influences culture. Find links to more articles in the series below.

What kind of lifestyles do you get from online culture? Plenty. Gamer culture has definitely boomed thanks to online gaming. Youtube vlogging personalities are in a league all their own. And some even predict Insta-cults are in the near future. But today, we’re looking at lifestyle content marketing. Didn’t see that one coming, did ya?

What Is Lifestyle Content Marketing?

Lifestyle marketing focuses on selling a lifestyle, not just a product. You’re not just buying a diamond ring. When you buy that ring, you’re entering the glamorous world of eternal, undying love (juuuust like the TV commercial). So we can see that lifestyle marketing has been around for a while and before the internet.

Combine lifestyle marketing with Content Marketing, one of the most popular ways to market online, and you get (ta-da!) lifestyle content marketing. Amsterdam Printing describes lifestyle content marketing like this:

“[Lifestyle content marketing] focuses on your customers’ interests and day-to-day life. You present them with content that will interest them—content that’s related to your brand, but not necessarily a direct sell of your products and services.”

What Does A Lifestyle Look Like?

Amsterdam Printing also uses a really accurate analogy where they compare brand-customer relationship in content marketing to wooing a love interest.

On your first date, you don’t go off and blab about how great you are. You usually listen to your date, find out what their interests are, try to relate, and have a good time. By picking up on what their interests are, you can do things for them that help make them feel extra special.

Do they have a sweet tooth? Grab a box of chocolates for them next time you see them. Huge fan of Drake? Share a link to a cool interview of him. Art lover? Time for a sunny day at the local museum.

Why Do People Like Lifestyles?

People are more receptive to lifestyle content marketing because you are not, like in previous forms of advertising, having products shoved in your face. We are, in fact, being wooed everyday, every time we go online by hundreds of different brands. Who wouldn’t like that?

Additionally, brands now conduct themselves as the consumer’s friend. With every touch-point of their online presence, brands communicate a certain personality. Brands tend to mime the characteristics of their target audience. So the pop culture references a brand makes, style of humor, and related interests are all based on who the audience is.

As a general trend, people are also basing their identities in experiences and self-development. Less “owning” and more “being.” Lifestyles help people envision the kind of person they want to be and an aspirational role-model for life they can aspire to.

Word Up: Content Lifestyle

Our favorite lifestyle? The Content Lifestyle – a way of life where you receive the value of your online content. You create content every time you go online, so why don’t you benefit from it? The mission of Swomi is to provide the technology that will empower online users. Sound like your thing? To learn more about our “Why,” visit our About Us page here.


This article is part of our “Culture” series where we write an article for each letter of the phrase. “Culture” examines how digital influences culture.

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