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It is in this overwhelming internet ocean of data, we find ourselves asking, “How do we remain human in a digital society?”



What Is Humanization?

Are we losing the meaning behind what it means to be human? Technology benefits us in ways beyond anyone’s imagination.

But with rising rates of deteriorating mental health, physical activity, and quality relationships, it leaves us wondering what is the cost of a digital society? Are the negatives worth the benefits? Society’s collective imagination sees technological advancements as our savior or digital threat.

Humanization is based around these pressing questions and ideas.

Art Futura describes humanization best:

“Humanized Technology is the technology that responds and adapts to how humans learn, think and create, and what humans need to thrive in a digital society.”

Art Futura elaborates the internet and social networks laid the groundwork for us to explore infinite possibilities of the self and individualism. Virtual reality or mixed reality allow us to experience compassionate and empathic communication networks.

Left unchecked, technology can be an all-consuming force on our attention. Humanization explores ways to guide technological development to benefit people. This avoids people negatively adapting to live a digital lifestyle.


A More Humanized Brand

Humanization can mean different things in different contexts. The type of humanization we’ve covered so far is a general concept that applies to society as a whole. But companies are also taking the initiative to humanize their brands.

Digital opportunities to build relationships, interact, continuously share a story, and an opportunity to collaborate and co-create. So how do these make a brand more human?

A human brand can be defined by these characteristics:

  • Transparent
  • Communicative
  • Collaborative
  • Caring

The main goal of having a human brand is to build life-long, trusting relationships with their customers through warmth and compassion. Being transparent, communicative, collaborative, and caring create relationships built on empathy.

Companies like Panera Bread, a fast-cafe type restaurant, who focus on creating a human brand see happier customers and loyal brand advocates. Having a human brand has clear business benefits.

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