How To Utilize Culture To Grow Your eBusiness

Insights into using UGC, pop culture, and your company culture.

This article is letter (U) of our “Culture” series where we write an article for each letter of the phrase. “Culture” examines how digital influences culture. Find links to more articles in the series below.

Culture is everywhere. So why not leverage culture to grow your eBusiness? Here’s how to utilize culture to market your brand from three different sources of culture - User-generated content, pop culture, and your very own company culture.

Create A Campaign To Gather UGC

The first and most straightforward way to utilize culture to market your brand is to create a campaign, promotion, or contest that encourages the submission of User-Generated Content (UGC). UGC has a huge amount of benefits. And, like we covered earlier in this “Culture” series, UGC is the source of culture created by people, for people.

Social Media Examiner lays out a pretty well detailed plan you can follow to get started on your first campaign. Just adjust your goals and objectives to outline your desire to have customers generate UGC from the campaign. You may have already seen campaigns like these. Your local frozen yogurt shop will give you a cone free if you hashtag them on social media, for example.

Make Pop Culture References Your Audience Will Enjoy

When it comes to making a shout out to pop culture, make sure you know the type of pop culture your audience vibes with. Does your eBusiness sell mustache accessories and you have a loyal burly, male audience? Did you learn your audience also happens to love plaid shirts? On social media, an infograph breaking down all the different types of plaid and their history may be a special treat for them. Or maybe your brand attracts girl gamers and you share a trailer for the newest, upcoming Star Wars film.

Share Your Company’s Culture

Here’s a cool one. Sharing your company’s culture allows your audience to know you better, understand your “Why,” as well as show your authentic side. For example, you may have a dog named “Bucky” that likes to sit on your lap while you write articles. Feature him in an Instagram post!

Perhaps you’re a bit of a bigger operation, and you have a party celebrating your team’s achievement of reaching your most recent sales goal. Do a post about that on social media! Cooler yet, you can even livestream bits of the celebration.

You can also create a brand hashtag for your eBusiness. KitKat uses their famous tagline for their #givemeabreak hashtag where users all around the world can use the hashtag and share their KitKat moments.

Word Up:

We’ve looked at how to utilize culture from three different sources. A campaign to generate UGC for your brand leverages good old homegrown, grassroots, everyday internet user culture. Referencing pop culture rides the coattails of culture that already exists. Sharing your company culture helps build rapport and credibility with your audience. So what are you waiting for? Try one of these tactics today.


This article is part of our “Culture” series where we write an article for each letter of the phrase. “Culture” examines how digital influences culture.

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