How To Organize Your Life Once And For All

Organize and customize!

Organize. Customize. Repeat. We all know being neat, tidy, and on-top of our life only benefits us. How do you like to customize your life and content through organization?

The Benefits of Organization

The Benefits of Organization

Organization grants invaluable benefits to your life. For one, having everything neat and tidy simply decreases stress. Stress comes from jobs, relationships, and random acts of life. Why pile on more through disorganization? Keeping everything in its place also opens up your time to take care of what is a priority in your life. There’s less time working around sloppily planned appointments, cluttered desks, and lost items.

Organize Your Environment

Organize Your Environment

Existing, living, and looking at an organized environment just simply makes life better in every way. Now, it doesn’t necessarily mean you spend more time keeping everything spotless. One tip from Entrepreneur is to lighten your cleaning standards. This means cleaning up a little each time you use something rather than do a deep scrub once a week. It’s easier to do maintenance than a full round up.

Another unexpected way to get organized? Learn keyboard shortcuts! Consider this, “Online users between the ages of 18 to 24 years old spend an average of 1,979 minutes online per month.” There may be a learning curve at first, but imagine how much more organized your time will be once you master them.

A similar tip goes for passwords. The average person has 27 different logins. That’s a lot of brain real estate taking up what could easily be stored with a secure online password manager. Or simply a notebook stashed somewhere safe.

Organize Your Content

Organize Your Content

Think about organizing your life once and for all including the content creation process from ideation to research ensures an optimized, efficient, and organized end-product for your content. So just how do you do it? When you look at your content creation process, you begin with a topic. And successful writers don’t just write about any old random topic.

When brainstorming, it all revolves around what your audience wants. You write for them and create what they want to read. And to know what your audience wants, research is your best friend. Perform keyword research, create a buyer persona of your average reader, and research your blog/ website’s analytics if your hosting site offers it.

Word Up:

Do you feel your audience could grow more if you simply could get a handle on your organizational skills? Well you don’t have to wait to be a kung-fu master at using labeled folders. Consider signing up with Swomi to automatically direct a curated audience to your blog or website using cross marketing and content signals technology. Thanks for reading and happy organizing!

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