How To Leverage Reviews For Lead Generation

There’s more to lead generation than SEO and automation.

This article is letter (R) of our “Lead Generation" series where we write an article for each letter of the phrase. “Lead Generation" shares strategies, tactics, and tips for attracting leads. Find links to more articles in the series below.

You have reviews, but do they just sit in a dusty corner on your webpage? Modern businesses thrive or starve based on their online reviews. Many underestimate the influence of those reviews. Most marketers understand that a poor review can drive potential customers away and should do whatever they can to make sure they do not happen.

It is pivotal that one understands reviews can activate your business and to leverage those opportunities to create value for your customers and lead generation process.

Benefits Of Using Reviews

Benefits Of Using Reviews

More leads: Consumers will research your reviews and when they see positive reviews they are more likely to take an interest in you and your company. They will visit your website and read the content or product or service information in your online site. They are also more likely to follow you on social media which provides and opportunity to entice them to take the first step toward purchasing your products or sevices.

More click-throughs: While visitors browse your site, the positive reviews they just saw will be in the back of their mind. Seeing other satisfied customers lowers the friction to a conversion and more likely to complete a sale. Learning that you have satisfied customers makes it easier for them to trust brand. It also adds credibility to the claims made about your product or services benefits.

More effective conversions: Another technique is to offer free trials or other deals to encourage the potential customer to try your product or service and curate their interest to conversion. The reviews add a sense of assurance that this step is not in vein and that others have had a good experiences adds to that confidence. When you add consistent good service they believe that the purchase will be a good experience and benefit. That they can become loyal customers and could provide reviews that will encourage others to consider your brand, product or service.

What Are People Saying About Your Business?

What Are People Saying About Your Business

Good experiences does not mean the customer will leave a review. You need to ask the customer and give them a platform to publish their thoughts. Create a flow so your website directs customers to a review page after they finish paying or chatting.

The other piece of the support and reviews puzzle is to invest in customer support. The response need to happen quickly and without delay 24/7. The customer expects courteously and comprehensive information. This also means potential customers can ask questions about products or services they do not completely understand. Then more of your contacts with customers will be good experiences and potential for them to leave good reviews.

Reviews take many forms, not just the ones you feature on your site. All these sources can effect your reputation:

So if someone leaves a bad review in any of these places connect with them and ask politely what went wrong and offer to make it better. Many will respond by just removing the bad review and some by replacing it with a good one.

Checklist: Customer Reviews And Lead Generation

Checklist Customer Reviews And Lead Generation

1. Set up a process that gathers and promotes your best reviews and promotes them on your website, third party review sites, and social media.

2. On third party review sites, create a business profile since search engines pull ratings to feed their results page.

3. Respond to all your reviews, good and bad, to show you care about giving each customer a top notch experience. It’s okay if you have negative reviews. Customers are weary when they only see positive reviews.

Word Up:

Reviews are persuasive because they possess the almighty word-of-mouth and social approval. Every time someone interacts with your brand and creates content, that is extremely valuable if you know how to leverage it.

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This article is letter (R) of our “Lead Generation" series where we write an article for each letter of the phrase. “Lead Generation" shares strategies, tactics, and tips for attracting leads. Find links to more articles in the series below.

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