Harnessing Data In The New Year

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Harnessing data...do you dig it? Like it or not, the world needs innovative ways of making sense of the giant blob of data floating in cyberspace we humans have created through our online activities. So here we go, the top five trends for harnessing data in the new year.

1. Data storytelling

This one’s for all the data analysts out there. Data storytelling means data analysts present the steps in their analysis. It also means presenting the insights from your analysis in an actionable, easy-to-understand way.

2. Data curation converges

It’s only becoming a more diverse and more complex world out there. What is one to do? Use you data management powers of data curation, of course. Data curation uses capturing, cleaning, defining, and aligning disparate data to bridge that elusive gap between data and its real-world applications.

3. “Data For Good” Movement

The “Data For Good” movement is exploding after non-profits realize the benefits of using data for social causes. If this movement sees healthy growth, we may see the most difficult global problems solved through the altruistic potential of sharing data.

4. Codes of ethics catch up to data

Leaders, governments, and everyday people are realizing new ethics need to be created for this new data-based world. Change will happen to frame infrastructure and government levels because data privacy is here to stay.

5. Data democracy

Data scientists are going to be amping up their game and actively participating in how results are applied to businesses. Better brush up on your presentation and visualization skills to collaborate with leadership and organizations as a whole.

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