Future Of A Digital World

The future – ready or not, here it comes.

The best way to know the future is to create it. Here are three different angles that present the future of the digital world - glimpses of the future today, practical projections of where our near-future is going, and imaginative predictions where we will be hundreds of years from now.

Interactive Digital Parks


How cool would it be to physically step into a digital play-land surrounded by interactive virtual walls, creative media technologies, and innovative artistic experiences?

The Future City: An Interactive Digital Park, sponsored by Nestle NANKID Optipro, in the Philippines is a pop up digital park for kids and kids at heart.

Here, people actively engage with installations that highlight technological advances that may be coming in our near future. This digital park educates kids about the future while having fun at the same time.

Mobile Phones Assistive Support

The future is in your hands...literally.

For some people, mobile phones are their only lifeline to the internet. 45% of users access the web via their phone. Soon, this will be the reality for close to everyone since people will prefer the lightweight convenience of smartphones.

As a result, the internet is being transformed. Websites are operating more like mobile apps than a website full of links. The result? A seamless application experience.

Into The Future and Beyond

Future predictions can go very, very wrong and be way far off the mark. So why do it? Besides the fun factor, innovations first start with imagination.

As Henry Ford stated, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

 In Samsung’s “Smarthings Future Living Report,” the world’s leading futurists, architects, technological forecasters, sociological experts imagine exotic power sources, DIY healthcare, multiplanetary colonization, and cities located in massive buildings, underground, and on the ocean floor.

One of their most interesting predictions? Man-machine symbiosis. Man and man’s technology will literally become one and blur the boundaries between what is human and what is not human. Hello, Blade Runner.

Word Up:

The Digital Lifestyle is already here. Digital parks introduce children early on about how science is the bedrock for positive change. By using your mobile phone, you’re creating the future because it sends the message “I want more mobile connection.” And to get to that future, we must use our wildest imaginations The question is, “How far will it go and how immersed will we be in it?” What do you think the Digital Future will look like?


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