Discover New, Valuable Content Just Through Sharing

Content discovery... meet content sharing.

This article is letter (S) of our “Discover Content" series where we write an article for each letter of the phrase. “Discover Content" uncovers how online content is discovered, circulated, and shared. Find links to more articles in the series below.

So how is sharing content important to the future for your site, landing page or blog. Many factors including software, captivating headlines and curation are key factors to consider. Also making sure others can find and share.

Two other pieces of the puzzle to consider are privacy and branding!

Who Is Content Discovery For?

Who Is Content Discovery For

Content Discovery is most useful for those who are already monetizing their content online. People like:

Social gurus
Internet marketers
Affiliate marketers
Promotion Experts
eCommerce Business Owners

To be a content sharer a wide array of content sharing exists for those who wish to share such as Buffer, Loomly and or Hootsuite. One of the keys is to identify your audience and give value audience by being the first to share a new, trending, or unique piece of content with them.

Content Sharer

Content Sharer

It’s not always the Content Sharer that encourages audiences to share. It also has to do with the layout and options on the website itself. It should be no surprise that shareable content is published on web pages that promote sharing.

Headlines are so important they can actually trigger social sharing on their own. A powerful, captivating headline is essential for shareable content. They should include:

Captivating Structure
Show Value
Use Details
Explain Possible Outcomes
Include Highlight Lists
Show Shared Comments
Use Keywords
Display Number of Shares or Likes

Here are a few links to fee Headline Analyzer Tools.

Another key factor is how you share content. How you are helping them find it in the first place. It must be easy to find and easy to share.

Each page and piece of content should use keywords to help search engines rank your content. As well it must be optimized for SEO so new readers can discover and share it.

Content Hunter

Content Hunter

If you are the Content Hunter, you can find curated content on sites like and Feedly which follow new blog posts you can find and view for discovering new trends and ideas.

We have a need to create content that communicates ideas that will most likely interest the viewer. This type of content includes:

Tied to Passions

To create quality shareable social media content noticed always include images or video designed specifically for each type of social platform:


Images and video through social sharing make content more engaging and interesting. Tweets with images increased views by 150%. So adding eye-catching media will make it more likely to get shared.

Videos and images resonate with audiences. Our brains consume visual information quicker than almost any other sensory input as a team of MIT neuroscientists discovered. Posts with media are more likely to resonate with audiences than text alone.

Another consideration many miss is the whole privacy policy issue. These policies are largely unregulated and as long as the websites data they are collecting is legal and users informed they are ok to use this information.

There are many branding strategies, but one secret is rarely shared and works to increase your brand and help conversion simply called charity. Including a donation for each payment or subscription increases your brand strength and also reduces the friction through the sales process.

Word Up:

Sharing is caring… and it’s also one of the best ways to discover new content! It is also one of the best paths to success for your site, blog or online business.

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This article is letter (S) of our “Discover Content" series where we write an article for each letter of the phrase. “Discover Content" uncovers how online content is discovered, circulated, and shared. Find links to more articles in the series below.

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