3 Timeless Steps To Achieve Personal, Career, Squad Goals

Be specific, make a decision, act now, repeat.

Just because we are in the age of the Digital Lifestyle does not mean goal-setting fades away into the matrix. It feels good to accomplish goals, and people will always be motivated by the potential for a better future. No matter where you are in your life or the technological state of the world, here are 3 timeless techniques for accomplishing any goal.

Pick Your Goal


This ranges from everything to do with how you react to situations. For example, personal goals can include increasing your resilience, growth mindset, and motivation. Personal goals can also include upgrading your lifestyle as a whole.


Should you choose to focus on improving your career, taking a committment to accomplishing your goals will give you laser-like focus no matter what your profession. Business-oriented goals focus on results by measuring success, working as a team, and adjusting goals as necessary.


Here comes the fun, your group of friends can all help each other to achieve their own goals. Enter squad goals. Do you all want to be healthier? Schedule a fun hike together. Do you aim to all become closer and more loyal as friends? Plan a fun bonding experience together like a road trip! Whatever your goal, you are working with your squad to make it happen.

1. Be Very Specific

Being very specific about what you want and the end results of your goals. Being very specific also takes into account self-awareness. Without self-awareness, you may set unrealistic goals that do not suit your true wants, your personality, likes, or dislikes. If your goal is “To make a lot of money,” break that down further into specifics. What do you want to do with all that money? How much money would that require you to make? What is the best method to making that money which matches your strengths and personality? If you feel a bit lost, try the indset of goal-setting.

2. Make A Decision And Commit


Making a decision actually frees you from the burden of choice. Studies show that people go into overwhelm mode. It’s this false sense of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) that blocks people from committing fully to one decision. Instead, majority of people spread themselves thin and don’t complete one thing. Or they don’t make a decision at all, opting to coast along with whatever comes along. When you only give yourself one choice, you are free to take the jump, go all-in, and immerse yourself.

3. Act Now

We have to do things we don’t feel comfortable doing. The very definition of change is doing something different from what’s normal. And doing what’s different from your norm, no matter how small or positive the change, will be uncomfortable. Mel Robbin’s solution is to seize the moment you have the urge to do something. 5 seconds is the window of momentum for taking action. Longer than that, and your brain goes into sabotage mode. The human mind is an expert at keeping itself in its comfort zone.

Word Up: Digital Lifestyle

The Digital Lifestyle opens a whole new way of life never before seen in human history. The benefits of technological conveniences goes hand in hand with never-ending distraction. To fully leverage technology, keep your focus, and keep your goals. Thanks for reading and hope this helps you achieve your dreams. Don’t forget to help a friend with their goals too! Share this article with one of the social buttons at the top of this page.


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