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Today, we’ve curated the best quotes on multichannel marketing from around the web including sourcing from Wikepedia. Enjoy these snippets of wisdom to really get to know and understand multichannel marketing.

Breaking It Down

"Multi" means many.
"Channel" means a way into which something may be delivered or directed. Here is an article on the difference.

So, multichannel publishing means delivering a publication to your readers in many ways at the same time.

Multichannel Vs. Omnichannel

“...multichannel tends to be based on an inside-out approach, omnichannel is more outside in, a consideration of the customer experience from his perspective. ‘It's how a customer would see the world’”


Multichannel versus Omnichannel


Traditional Marketing Vs. Multichannel Marketing

“While multichannel marketing focuses primarily on new media platforms in marketing, traditional approaches use old media such as print sources, telemarketing, direct mail and broadcasting stations such as radio and television.”

Why Choose Multichannel Marketing

"Companies that focus on maximizing the performance of each channel-physical, phone, web, mobile-have a multichannel strategy. They likely structure their organization into ‘swim lanes' focused on each channel, each with their own reporting structure and revenue goals." So is multichannel hot or not?


Why Choose Multichannel Marketing


Why Choose Omnichannel Marketing

"An omnichannel approach puts the customer, not corporate silos, at the center of its strategy... It acknowledges that mobile and social have enabled customers to not only quickly switch between channels, but actually use channels simultaneously. For example, checking out product reviews on their mobile phone while evaluating a product on a physical retail store shelf." Here is an article on this strategy.

On The Importance Of Relationships

Interpersonal relationships are ingrained so deeply into our social fabric that a customer will view your entire brand as a singular relationship.”


On The Importance Of Relationships


Connecting The Dots

“In the end, your goal in this consumer-first world is to step beyond just being present on multiple channels and start connecting them all together into one, thriving, multi-channel approach to inbound marketing.” Here are five tips on implementing an omnichannel strategy.

The Multichannel Experience

“A successful multi-channel strategy offers your customers a consistent quality of experience, whichever channel they use. The customer's experience in buying a product influences perception of your brand.”


The Multichannel Experience


Multichannel Risks

“The risk in a multi-channel strategy is that customers' information and profiles can become fragmented as they use a number of channels. In an integrated strategy, purchasing data is consolidated into a single database so you get a 360-degree view of your customer.”

More Bang For Your Buck

“A multi-channel strategy gives you the ability to expand your business on a national or global scale without investing in further physical stores. An e-commerce website can be designed to operate in multiple currencies and with local content to attract customers in many countries. You can also conduct business across multiple time zones with no restrictions on opening or closing times.”

Word Up:

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This article is part of our “Value My Content” series where we write an article for each letter of the phrase. “Value My Content showcases the value individuals can receive from their content.

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