Understanding The Background...

What does eSports, eMarketing, and everything else online have in common? Econtent!

Unlike eMarketing, eContent (or Online Content) still very much needs a digital prefix. Traditional use of the term content referred to media like art, music, and books that were delivered through mediums like television, CD’s, and magazines.

These days, almost all traditional types of content can be translated into eContent. Artists can post a picture of their painting on their website, musicians can upload their songs to SoundCloud, and magazines turn into eZines. In fact SwomiBUZZ, the great place you are right now (wink, wink), is an eZine.

But eContent doesn’t stop there, eContent encompasses everything and anything online. In addition to media-based content (pics, texts, videos), there is activity-based content (data about your online activity like which emails you opened, amount of time spent on a website, what you clicked on, online interactions, etc). It’s impossible to go online and not create content.



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