Thanks to your Digital Word of Mouth, we can all have our say.

Left or right? Blue or Red? Supersized or not supersized? When it comes to those little decisions you can’t seem to make up your mind about, who do you turn to?

We all need that small little nudge sometimes. And in our experience, it is the people closest to us that we turn to. It’s a two way street. Friends ask us when they need a second opinion too.

Funny enough, research backs up our experiences. We are more likely to make a purchase when someone we know gives us a recommendation.

Thanks to social media and the interconnected accessibility of the internet, everyone now has their own sphere of influence. You can influence not just one friend at one time, but your entire network simultaneously.

That’s what we like to call a Micro-Influencer.

Influence online relates to how well you can capture and maintain people’s attention. Now everyday people have this level of power. At minimum, all you need is a social media account. And if you’re feeling extra passionate about what you’re talking about, you can even get a blog or vlog.

The most successful influencers treat their followers as a community, not an audience.

What’s the difference? To have an audience implies two uneven playing fields – a stage where an influencer performs for a faceless audience watching from a distance.

On the other hand, viewing followers as a community suggests a more level playing field and, well, communal feeling. Can a team exist without willing people? That’s a solid no.

People are most won over by personalized and relevant content. This is important because the internet is jam-packed with content already. And a lot of that is really good content too.

How many times has it happened where you bookmarked a cool blog post to read it later? And you find another great blog post. Bookmark. Another one. Bookmark.

Aaand by the end of the day...there are about fifty posts, infographs, videos you want to check out. Woops. What are the chances you will engage with the content that is personalized to you?

It’s the exact same concept of why quizzes are so popular (and fun) – they teach your community about their most favorite subject – themselves (not in a selfish way though).

Which goes back to why providing value to your community is so important. People value content that is relevant to them and their lives. There’s too much content out there to sift through. Let’s speak with each other, not at each other.


WORD UP: At its heart, everyday influence is about the power of Word Of Mouth.

Because we all can exercise our voices, does that mean we are all Micro-Influencers? What are your thoughts on your newfound superpower of your Word of Mouth?

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