There may be an inner, free-spirited traveler in you waiting to get out.

DN's are... Nomadic! We All Have It In Our DNA

Everyday is an adventure. At the same time, the unknown will always be underlying the adventurous spirit. One simply can’t exist without the other.

So if you constantly find yourself fantasizing about trekking new concrete jungles, interacting with people of completely different cultures, and living your life unconventionally, then you just may be a Digital Nomad and not just know it yet.

Think you have what it takes to travel the world and earn a living at the same time? It’s not as intimidating as it sounds. Check out the four crucial mindset skills majority of Digital Nomads share. These four mindset skills will be the foundation for your success. Fancy yourself an expert? Then feel free to give yourself a refresher and brush up on those skills! Either way, enjoy.

1. Personal Characteristics

It all begins here. There are many “soft skills” that fly under the radar but form a core foundation for the rest of these skills. The most important of these skills is optimism, a Positive Mental Attitude - a term inspired by self-help author Napolean Hill. Once you have a Positive Mental attitude, your personal characteristics, values, and beliefs will naturally flow from your optimistic mindset.

Remember the last time you were late to work because you were stuck in traffic? But then you get to the office only to meet a bunch of soaking wet coworkers? The sprinkler system accidentally went off and had you been to work on time, you would have found yourself in the splash zone. It may have not been that exact scenario, but you may have had a similar experience where we are happiest when we find the silver lining in everything.


2. Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills revolve around people – your team, collaborators, customers, and even yourself. Emotional Intelligence is the most important skill when it comes to interpersonal skills. Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and the emotions of others. Having high emotional intelligence will be a solid foundation for building your listening skills, communication, ability to lead and motivate, and ethics.

If someone close to you has ever forgotten your birthday, do you find you understand the difference in yourself when you are frustrated versus irritated? Can you recognize when others feel happy instead of joyful?

3. Critical and Creative Thinking Skills

Problem solving is the most important skill to learn for your creative and critical thinking skills. Most things in life are finding solutions to problems. Creative thinking is merely implementing novel solutions to problems. And recognizing opportunities begins with critically thinking about how you may help your customers and potential audience. The entire point of business itself is finding solutions to problems.

Do you consider yourself a creative problem solver? What about the time when your grandma needed her lampshade fixed and you got crafty and fixed it with what was around the house? Or the time you had to MacGyver your carry-on luggage into a makeshift footrest? The secret is we are all creative problem solvers and critical thinkers, just some of us choose to accept and embrace it more than others.

4. Practical & Business Skills

As a Digital Nomad, it goes without saying business skills will be supporting your awesome lifestyle. A basic know-how in different areas of business (sales, marketing, finance, and operations) will help tremendously. Even if you don’t choose to start your own business, there are companies that are flexible with working remotely. Either way, the digital nomad lifestyle and an entrepreneurial spirit go hand-in-hand. Being independent and self-disciplined will hugely impact your success.

There may have been a time in your life you looked at the big picture, the people involved, and how you could all work together to make your goal come true. It could have been a charity fundraiser, a school club, or even just running a lemonade stand. Business acumen comes in a lot of forms, just now you are applying it to your new Digital Nomad travel lifestyle!


What I Learned About Business After Being a Digital Nomad for a Month



Word Up:

Digital Nomads naturally possess these mindset skills. And if you don’t have many of these skills, the best part is all these skills are learnable. All you need is a desire to develop these skills in yourself. These skills are all about attitude and outlook – training your mind. See you in the next article for those Tips and Tricks to "How To Pack Your Mindset".

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