Digital Nomads share their stories on living the Content Lifestyle at this Venice, Los Angeles, California event.


Digital Nomads of all walks of life gather ‘round for a share-and-tell of their unique journeys and unconventional lifestyle.

Outsite, a company offering coliving and coworking in beautiful places, is hosting Nomad Stories Venice in Venice, Los Angeles, California this Wednesday, June 13.

From 6:30pm to 7pm is Networking & Drinks. Skirt the raw shores of Venice while you mix & mingle with kindred wanderlust individuals looking for answers.

After that, listen to the stories of Digital Nomads who made the jump from office cubicle to a life of never-ending adventure from 7 to 7:30pm.



While the exact speakers are not outlined, the Outsite community includes Entrepreneurs, Artists, Designers, Artists, and Academics.

Come with your questions ready for the 30 minute Q&A after too.

Los Angeles is infamous for no parking and this event is no exception. Arrive at least 30 minutes early to find a reasonable spot.


What is a Digital Nomad?

Digital Nomads ditch society’s conventions by working anywhere and living everywhere. They create, invent, study, and brainstorm from the urban energy of concrete jungles to secluded paradises.

How do they live like this? Usually by becoming their own bosses and earning a living from their online Content.

Their online Content can be monetized with a blog, vlog, podcast, or eCommerce store. Really, the options are only as limited as your creative execution.

Think you need to be an entrepreneur to be a Digital Nomad? Think again.

Many workplaces today offer remote options for their employees. And even if your company does not offer it, present the opportunity, and its benefits, to your employers.

Should they see the positives, you can be on a plane ticket out of the office too! Plus, you get the best of both worlds – full benefits, steady employment, and see the world at the same time.

Should You Go?



If you feel drained from the monotony of the office and morning commute and are yearning to spread your wings, then try this event from Outsite out.

Other event-goers are most likely in the same shoes. Find someone to relate to when your normal circle of friends are complacent homebodies. Who knows? You many find a future travel pal.


Word Up:

Shake up your worldview and what you believe is possible for yourself by listening to the stories of people who have gone before and came out the other end successful.

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