Don't be scared. It's just international Yarn-bombing Day. How to curate novel content for your Audience.

Why Would Someone Do This?

If the concrete jungle is a normal part of your everyday routine, you may have just looked around one day and felt underwhelmed. Cities sometimes look so grey and...blah.

Pioneers of Yarn bombing (also known as yarn storming, guerilla knitting, kniffiti, or graffiti knitting) thought the same thing.


And they decided to do something about it.

Groups, like {ijseo_redirect id=42} make it their fun mission to add coziness, a feminine touch, and humor to impersonal public spaces.

Today is the international day to celebrate this very public form of street art.


Creating Content out of Yarn Bombing

As a Digital Content Creator, what can you do with Yarn Bombing Day?


Yarn bombing is an analog activity in a digital world.


It represents a unique opportunity to provide your audience fun, novel content. This is very important in today's overstuffed world of information.


While you don't have to knit yourself, throw a little yarn bomb your audiences' way with a fun email or social shout out.


A goofy knit fire hydrant may be the little chuckle someone needs to get through the day.

Adding value to your audience with some humor and whimsy will help people remember your brand.


Sharing idiosyncratic content like Yarn Bombing establishes an emotional connection to your brand too. People are more likely to share crazy things they find on the internet with their friends.


It's these creative, unique bits of content that push an emotional button. And when you touch the emotions of your audience, they are more likely to take action.

Engaging Marketing is All Fun and Games

Never underestimate holidays and themed days as rich opportunities to jump-start audience interaction.

Why not hold a Yarn-Bomb hunt? The first person to post a picture of Yarn Bombing they found in their city receives a giveaway.

Have a fitness blog?

Create an infograph about the surprising similarities between a knitting grandmother and your ideal reader.

If your ideal reader is a fit, working, 40-something mom, then the infograph easily becomes a celebration about women. If that is the type of content your audience is looking for, then perfect! You are adding value to your readers' lives.


While Yarn Bombing may seem like a random, left-turn regarding your audience (unless your blog is literally about knitting), you can always flex your creative muscles to connect your brand's message to fun, novel content like Yarn Bombing.





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