Feeling Left Behind?...

Analog Culture refers to pre-internet ways of doing things and ways of thinking. You can also think of it as traditional or “old-school,” if that helps. It’s the old Greco-Roman government institutions that proclaim to be timeless. They proudly stand on their Ionic columns to say, “This is how things have been, how things will continue to be, and what has worked in the past will timelessly endure into the future and beyond...” in a weary, crumbling voice.

Digital Culture is anything but that. Digital is like an ever-shifting landscape where solid ground wiggles like waves underneath your feet. There’s no beginning and there’s no end because anywhere you go, you will never find yourself in the same place twice. Exciting? Yes. Unnerving? It can be. All of us are new explorers in Digital Culture. We’re creating the rules as we go. It means we break things. Fail fast. And learn faster.

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