It’s the half-day before Memorial weekend, so we’re writing up scientific studies of pop culture phenomena day!

Even with the support of that nailed-down shoe, claims the report, Jackson nonetheless needed to use all his muscle while he leaned, straining his posterior muscle group to stay ramrod straight. So if you desire to pull off this dance move, you'll need a rigged stage and dance skills. Possibly try learning how to moonwalk instead.

As explained within a recent, scientific paper that Jackson utilized a patented shoe customization, cutting a slot in the bottoms of his footwear. (in line with the patent, the shoes had been also taller than they seemed, through a sock that improved some of their foot support.)

The phase had been prepped with his nailed shoes protruding unobtrusively. Jackson would slide his slotted footwear onto the shoes, securing him in to the flooring, so he could lean his body to that extreme angle.

You can observe the deep lean in his music video, Smooth Criminal. But even as we mentioned, this example was attained with a waist harnesses, not with Jackson’s unique shoes.

The shoe patent, now expired, hasn’t already been secret for the long-time, but this systematic report, published into the Journal of Neurosurgery within the framework of treating dance-related “injuries that will perplex the neurosurgeon,” renewed some interest.


Word Up:

When you look at the songs movie for Smooth Criminal, Michael Jackson and four backup dancers utilized cables and harnesses to lean a complete 45 degrees, a move that’s literally impossible for an unsupported body.

But somehow, Jackson additionally performed this dance move live on stage without the visible help.

The mystery continues.

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