The Surprising Secret...

What makes Active Content Creators so different from a Passive Content Creator? Consistency and intention. If you are thinking of making the jump, anyone can do it, we liked HubSpot’s 5 tips for being a successful content creator. And if you already are an Active Content Creator, these daily tips will only make you better! Here’s a quick bullet-point summary below:

1. Read Industry related news daily: Scour the internet like a bloodhound for the latest news in your industry

2. Write Regularly: Like working out at the gym, those writing muscles need to be flexed. Vague and incomplete ideas will become more concise the more you write about them.

3. Curate Content: Curating simply means sharing. And don’t just share, genuinely interact with your online community through sharing.

4. Always Be Networking: Who you know definitely never hurt your chances at success. Make networking a lifestyle.

5. Never Stop Asking “Why?”: Your first step to creating new content is to question convention, turn it upside its head, and create an awesome post about it. Constantly questioning leads to valuable content with a unique perspective.


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