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Aim to be a "Brand Builder" rather than a “Product Seller.” The difference? You guessed it. Emotional connection. Brands done well conjure up specific, positive images.

When you hear Coca-Cola, you think the exciting color red, a happy polar bear family on Christmas, or a warm smiling group of friends bathed in sunlight.

A Product Seller simply tells you this Coca Cola bottle has 100 calories per serving, is carbonated, and will make you not thirsty after you drink it. We don’t know about you, but we would much rather share the Brand Builder’s vision.

Is the content you are creating for your product sell a vision? Does it emulate your brand’s core values, benefits, and culture? Give this a long, hard thought for a minute. Keeping all of this in mind while writing content will naturally lead to creating compelling, valuable, educational, and thought provoking content.

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